Friday, January 3, 2014

Alternatives to sh

Ice cubes apparently
The extra try would be salt on the ice cube 
The dr suggested a rubber band to ping on my arm but it just looks and feels gross. However case workers seem to sear by this or ice till it hurts
Draw lines instead. Or song lyrics.  Or words.
Cry or scream
Boxing/punch something
Take a bath ... er, thatvjyst reminds me of the bloodbath prior to Theia's delivery
Call a friend
Go to A&E talk to someone
Drink coffee
Drink a cola
Drink something
Play plants vs zombies
Eat lactose filled food
Smoke something
Break or tear something
Walk the dog or groom him

These are healthy alternatives and healthy ways to deal with pain?

Won't stop the pain-givers continuing their crap though will it?

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