Monday, September 17, 2012

Weight Loss

So one month into Weightwatchers, amazingly enough, the PCOS has been defeated, I have been losing weight.

I'm losing impetus though, and have had neither the cash, nor the support at home to keep the best sorts of food at home. Iain returned from his travels away loaded with cured meat, pate and cheeses due to some misguided but well meaning attempts to hunt and gather for his holiday companions.

I lost a lot of weight while he was away and had a good week really. Three and a half pounds, bringing my monthly total to five and a half pounds in all. Unprecedented for me. I was also not late for things, no one had a chance to undermine my parenting and I was foremost on my son's good list. Iain's return has not enhanced any of these aspects of my life.

I am back to living life late, and waiting around with nothing going on, being ignored or rejected at random, and being driven about in a car. Less than satisfying. I suppose I could try and shift my end of the dynamic, but I know I have shifted in that way before, and to my knowledge, the rest of the machine just does not adjust. The Outlaws are perplexingly worried about our big move, as if we can't sort ourselves out. Sounds like we're not allowed to. It's an imposition of great magnitude. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Working on ignore. Hefty dose of Scorn too.

How to not let it get me down? Perhaps:

I can't work out when I'm seeing my mates regularly, or when I'm moving, and dunno if I will have cash in the next weeks to fund my food as well as travel to said mates ... so prioritise - food first, walk the dog second, get things ready for the new house third. My mates will try and come to me/help me. It will work out. I'll see some of them on the 29th and more on the 6th any way.

My measurements: bust 44, waist 38, hips 49, thigh 26, calf 14.5, upper arm 13.5, neck 15.5 (in inches). Will it shift? This is meant to be motivational.

List the best things I've achieved recently - started volunteering at the Heritage Centre at Papworth Hospital. Lost some weight. Walking without the brace sometimes. Got Jaan to Appleblossom and part of the group, with Mamma's help. Succeeded on my own without Ee last week. Managed to get Jaan to trust us with his Impetigo. Have been nice to the Olds. Organised the birthday 'dos. Just need to make it all better organised in the fulness of time. Did a brief inventory of our stuff and it is largely packed already. Done Jaan's presents lists. Got in touch with Rick after years. Re-booked all my appts that I missed/changed. Have tentative plans to volunteer with Mamma and swim with her too. Have looked after my hair.
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